Do you want to installation
and maintenance of natural grass in carpet?

Cruzarelevo is only intended for the marketing and shipment of the product, however, taking into account the needs of our customers, we provide some topics to take into account for the installation and maintenance of natural grass in carpet.

1st Step | Weed Cleaning

The soil must be free of weeds. Firstly, cause them to germinate through irrigation and then apply a non-residual herbicide in order to eliminate all weeds in the soil.

Soil preparation, which involves stirring the land in a depth of approximately 25 centimeters.

Level the ground and remove any stone existent.

Install an automatic irrigation system for lawn’s maintenance.

Place the grass carpets in the garden area. The extremities of the carpets must be pressed very well to avoid its dehydration. Pass a cylinder to remove any air pockets that may have remained.

After placing the grass carpets, turn on the irrigation system in order to keep all the soil moist. The first irrigation should last longer so that the water reaches the entire lawn area.

Program the irrigation system for future irrigations in order to let the water reach the depth of the roots.

The cutting should be done regularly in which the lawn ends up with 4 centimeters. Check the condition of the blades of the cutting machine. Try to use only sharp blades during the cut to avoid the irregular cutting of the grass. Verify if there are any diseases and environmental aggressions (frost, cold or heat).

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